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Da Gallo Pizzeria

On a quiet residential street in Husum in the Copenhagen suburbs lies the true Neapolitan, Da Gallo Pizzeria

Da Gallo serves up delicious pizza in the true Neapolitan way. Salvatore Gallo, who is from the Naples area, is a one-man pizza army in his tiny space. He’s been making pizza more than half of his life and puts an honor in both good produce and craft.

The cold-risen pizza dough rises for three days before being baked for 1,5 minutes on over 400 degrees celsius. This makes the bread a classic Neapolitan with the thicker and softer crust than the thinner Roman pizzas. The flour and tomatoes are imported directly from Naples, as choosing the classic and best produce out there is key at Da Gallo.

Salvatore Gallo says that every Neapolitan pizzeria is judged on their Margherita (pizza with mozzarella and tomato sauce). The simple pizzas are on point, but Da Gallo also serves more experimenting pizzas with specialty ingredients such as braised pork cheeks and pistachio.  

There are very limited seating indoors, but it is possible to sit outside in the heated tent in the colder months and naturally in the summers as well.