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Elsinore Walk

Elsinore Walk is a stroll through the town that has become world-famous for UNESCO Kronborg Castle and Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

The self-guided town walk ‘Elsinore Walk’ is a unique walk through Elsinore's historical development. The route takes you through the town’s heyday with the Sound Dues and industrialization until today when Helsingør is recognized as a modern cultural town with world-class attractions.

The route leads you around the narrow cobbled streets and ‘secret’ places that you would only find if you were local.

Elsinore Walk is a free self-guided tour. If you want to follow the route, you can pick up a guidebook containing a map of the route at Copenhagen Visitor Center or locally in Elsinore at The Culture Yard or in the town’s museums. So head to Elsinore and start your trip by planning to walk the route, as it will take you to almost all the places worth seeing in Elsinore.