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Gefion Fountain

The Gefion Fountain is a large fountain on the Østerbro harbour front. It features a large-scale group of animal figures being driven by the legendary Norse goddess, Gefjun.

The Gefion Fountain is in Langelinie Park, and features a group of animals being driven by the legendary Norse goddess, Gefion. It is the largest monument in Copenhagen and is used as a wishing well. 

According to an ancient legend, Gefion was the goddess who ploughed the island of Zealand out of Sweden. The Swedish king Gylfe offered the goddess Gefion as much land as she was capable of ploughing in one day and one night.

Commemorating the Norse legend

Gefion received help only from four oxen. She had transformed her four sons into immensely powerful oxen and had them plough so deeply in the ground that they raised the land and pulled it into the sea. This is how the island of Zealand was created.

The lake Vännern in Sweden approximately resembles the shape of Zealand, proving that there must be some truth in the story.

The fountain underwent extensive renovations starting in 1999. The fountain was out of commission for many years, and was re-inaugurated in September 2004.