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Private Ghosttours in English (for groups only) can be booked all months of the year.

The genuine thing - the Ghost tour

When dusk falls, the guides will lead you around in the old Copenhagen, where they – wearing a cape and with a lamp in their hand – will tell you seriously hair-raising tales from the dark side of our Capital. The stories you will hear include spirits from Greenland and the hunger of a dead little 8-year-old girl. On the tour you'll also visit one of the old and forgotten cemeteries in Copenhagen city - you never knew so many skeletons were in the ground of Copenhagen.

Have dinner with ghosts

Ghosttour also offers “dinner with ghosts”… This is your opportunity to have dinner at a restaurant known to be haunted, and then go on a guided ghost tour afterward. Both types of offers require you to book in advance.

A forgotten group - the Nightmen tour

Follow the Nightmen around Copenhagen and discover a side of Copenhagen that was forgotten many years ago. The tour will take you back several hundred years to the macabre daily chores of the Nightmen and their constant fight with the other citizens. The song of the Nightman has not been heard in the streets of Copenhagen for hundreds of years. But now it's heard again.
The story of the Nightmen is a tale of the exclusion of a population, their search for vengeance, lack of power, and pride.


For private tours in English, there is a minimum charge of 2.500 kr. for up to 20 people. Contact for booking:+45 51 92 55 51 booking@ghosttour.dk