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The Second Ltnant School, the place where cadets were given stripes on their shoulders when they became officers - And where the cadets today make sure all guests get an experience that moves them. Both for their taste buds, service perception and historical insight into the unique setting of Kadetten.

The cafe is organic and delivers the history of the area through the homemade dishes that guests can eat. If there is green on the plate, it may well be harvested from the small soldier gardens, which the cadet has recreated. In addition, the café has a small stage and an organic bakery.

Guests will find that we convey the history of the surroundings.

We do not compromise on the quality and everything on the menu is homemade with a great deal of love both for the organic ingredients and for you!

The cadet is a socio-economic project run by a fund. This means that the economic surplus is used to create space in the labour market for people with special needs.