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Kanalhuset Christianshavn

If you’re strolling around Christianshavn, the chances to take notice of the big, historical, yellow building called Kanalhuset are quite big. The old building is newly renovated and functions both as a hotel and a social eatery with delicious food and stunning views of the canals.

The charming old building reopened in 2020 after a thorough renovation and every evening at 19:00 you can participate in their communal dinners and join the local community. The dinner comes at a cost of 150 kroner and the menu changes every day and always includes a vegetarian option. Apart from the communal dining, Kanalhuset also serves breakfast and lunch every day. The lunch menu depends on the day and costs 100 kroner during the week, on the weekends the lunch menu consists of 5 different open-faced sandwiches (smørrebrød), available for 75 kroner apiece.