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Kitekollektivets vision is to create an inclusive community where all levels of kitesurfers can meet up on the beaches of Zealand. Kitekollektivet offers private, group-, and team teaching, so you can choose the perfect settings when getting on board and starting your experience with the adrenaline-filled sport in a safe environment. The goal is to make kitesurfing a team sport, where all levels of kitesurfers can unite on the beaches of Zealand both for kitesurfing and social events. Kitekollektivet surfs different places on Zealand: Sydvestpynten (Amager), Ved Café Sylten (Amager), Lynæs, Nivå, Farø (Bogø), Sanddobberne and Landerslev. Group teaching takes place on Amager.

Kitekollektivets instructors have many years of experience with a kite which creates a safe and good environment, so you can get started under the best conditions. To participate in one of Kitekollektivets courses, simply bring swimwear, a towel, a good mood and clothes that suit the weather conditions, as the course starts on land. If necessary, bring some snacks, drinks and sunscreen.