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Krystallen (The Crystal)

Krystallen (The Crystal) is beautifully located on Kalvebod Brygge and the building doesn't only look good. It's also sustainable.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen are the architects behind Krystallen and they say that their approach to the environment is a holistic way of thinking. It comprices attention to energy, water, ventilation, daylight, and noise.

The building stands six stories tall, and the name "The Crystal" refers to the crystal like and asymmetric body of the building. It reaches 31 meters on the lowest point and 34 meters on the highest point.

Low energy consumption

Krystallen has a very low energy consumption. The roof is covered with solar cells and the thick glass facade provides effective thermal insulation.

Using the rainwater

Rainwater is collected from the building and around it and used in toilets, water from the harbour is used to additional cooling of the house in summer.

Daylight, ventilation and noise has also been taken into consideration.