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Madglad is a small and unique eatery on Eskildsgade in Vesterbro that serves fresh and homemade food for a good price. Every evening you can enjoy different daily specials, served with fresh salads and home-baked bread.

Madglad is located in the heart of Vesterbro and is a great spot to enjoy a relaxed dinner in an informal environment. The eatery’s interior consists of big and long tables with colorful tablecloths, where it’s easy to start a conversation with your neighbor. You can participate in Madglad’s cozy communal way of dining from Monday to Friday between 16:30 and 21:00. All you can eat of the daily special, served with different salads, hummus, and bread costs 85 kroner. The relaxed atmosphere combined with the low prices makes Madglad a very inclusive eatery, where everyone is welcome to join for a delicious meal, a cup of coffee, or maybe a slice of homemade cake.