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Natural History Museum of Denmark

Natural History Museum of Denmark is the Danish national museum for nature and is beautifully located in the corner of the Botanical Garden close to Nørreport Station in the heart of Copenhagen. Marvel at beautiful minerals, touch a 16-ton meteorite from outer space, and explore the world of nature in the changing special exhibitions.

Each year, the Natural History Museum of Denmark is a venue for the critically acclaimed Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, featuring the 100 best photos selected worldwide. On the museum’s first floor you can explore crystals and gemstones in the Mineral Hall. See current and future exhibitions at www.snm.dk/english/exhibitions.

The museum also has a shop and a museum café overlooking the Botanical Garden. Combine your visit to the museum with a walk through the old garden, where you can explore Denmark's scientific collection of plants from all over the world – from rare cacti to cycads dating back to dinosaur times.

Within 48 hours, your museum ticket is also valid for one visit to the garden's Victorian Palm House, where you can experience the rainforest from above, and during the summer season, you will find colorful butterflies fluttering around among spectacular orchids and pineapple plants in the Butterfly House.