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Ø12 is a gem of a cafe located in the Østerbro neighbourhood. Here you will find great service, coffee of the highest quality and a menu that makes it difficult to choose exactly what to bite into.

Behind Ø12 is the passionate couple Kasper and Enete. They were both born and raised in the Nørrebro neighbourhood, and have a great fondness for Copenhagen. The couple thought that there was a lack of good brunch places in the city, which also served coffee of the highest quality, and thus Ø12 was born.

At Ø12 you get a local, international experience and an atmosphere that is cosy and intimate. The cafe is the result of 10 years of notes on what creates the perfect cafe experience. Every little detail is well thought out. Here you can expect a mouthwatering coffee and a menu that has been thoroughly tested, and which without a doubt belongs among Copenhagen's brunch elite.

Depending on the weather, you can enjoy your food in cosy surroundings indoors or on the wicker French cafe chairs outside. The latter choice is complemented by a cosy view of the eternally charming townhouses located across the street.