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Øresund Aquarium

Meet the sea creatures in the Sound and become more aware of the mysterious life under the sea. The Sound Aquarium is Denmark’s cosiest aquarium, where you can meet and touch the many marine animals living in the Sound.

Discover beautiful coloured fish, sharks, rocks, squids, large lobsters and many other marine animals. Øresundsakvariet - The Sound Aquarium is a cosy, small saltwater aquarium north of Kronborg Castle in Elsinore.

Child-friendly touch-tanks

In the child-friendly “touch-tanks” you can pat a crab or hold a starfish in your hands. Come and see the animals being fed several times a day and participate in exciting sea activities during the holidays. There is always a guide present, ready to answer your questions about the animals.

Øresundsakvariet also arranges:

  • Guided tours
  • Lectures
  • Snorkel Diving tours
  • Porpoise-safari
  • Birthday Events
  • And much more

The Water Lab at Elsinore harbour

There is fantastic animal and plant life in the Sound, and in The Water Laboratory at Elsinore harbour, you will get the opportunity to see and feel a small part of the Sound. Here you can get very close to the unique fish and wildlife in the Sound and see the fascinating habitats of the Sound. Try The Water Lab and get closer and examine life under the sea.

Porpoise-safari on the Sound

In Elsinore, you can come out on the Sound and experience Denmark's smallest whale up close. The population of porpoises has multiplied over the last 20-30 years and they thrive in the Sound, where there is plenty of food for the small whales. At Øresundsakvariet’s safari tours in 2019, guests saw porpoises on all the tours.

Private safari on the Sound

Take friends, family or colleagues on a safari and experience Denmark's smallest whale, or scout for the large Atlantic tuna that has returned to the Sound after decades of absence. There is room for 12 people on the boat

Øresundsakvariet is the protector of the Sound

Øresundsakvariet works actively to protect the Sound and preserve the unique marines rich fish-, animal- and plant life. Among other things, Øresundsakvariet informs about the life in the sea which creates interest, which hopefully leads to respect for nature and a desire to take good care of it.

In addition, Øresundsakvariet also teaches thousands of children each year through their school service, the aquarium develops and participates in projects for nature conservation and engages in dialogue with politicians and opinion-makers about the unique wildlife of the Sound.

Why should we care for life under the sea?

Did you know that we only know about 0.0001 per cent of the deep sea? Biologists expect that most of the Earth's species and habitats are beneath the ocean's surface, but knowledge of them is poor. The sea is secretive, rich in resources, fascinating, endangered, and is the basis of all life on earth. At the same time, the sea is one of the most endangered natural resources on the planet.

Life in the world seas is seriously threatened by, among other things, plastic pollution. The UN's 17 goals, which by 2030 will set us on a course for more sustainable development for both humans and the planet, among other things include the focus on marine life.