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Rosenborg Hotel Apartments

Spacious and beautiful hotel apartments in the heart of Copenhagen. 

Rosenborg Hotel Apartments is situated only minutes from wonderful Kings garden, and the majestic Rosenborg Palace. Guess where the hotel has gotten its name from. The nearby area is filled with attractions, shopping and tons of restaurant opportunities – most definitely convenient for your stay in Copenhagen.  

The hotel apartments are spacious and beautifully decorated, while respecting the age and history of the building they’re located in. You get a sense of a true Copenhagen apartment when you enter. All the apartments are equipped with all the essentials, and they’re big enough to fit 5-8 persons.

As an extra service Rosenborg Hotel Apartments has got a 24/7 online concierge service. So if you’ve got a question in regards to your stay, or simply need the best tips about the surrounding area, they’ll help you out any time of the day.