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Tú a tú

”From you to you”. At Tú a tú you’ll find beautiful secondhand items from some of the most popular, Scandinavian and international brands.

The name Tú a tú means “from you to you”. It embodies “self-love” and invites you to invest with good conscience. The small shop at Nørrebro is filled with secondhand goodies, and serves both the environment, and your pocket money.

At Tú a tú they accept pre-owned clothes and accessories and sell them based on consignment. They thoroughly pick and choose the items to sell, to ensure the quality, state and cleanliness of the clothes. The pricing is set lower than the original price, and you might be lucky to find a bargain from brands such as Ganni, Acne, Stine Goya or Wood Wood. They also take in, and sell, more budget friendly brands as ARKET, Monki and &Other stories.

Get inspired to think greener and fall in love with the secondhand items of Tú a tú on their beautiful Instagram account. But don’t wait to long, someone else might feel the same love. Go visit them in cozy Jægersborggade and treat yourself with something (almost) new. From you to you.